Enjoying the Land at Los Abrigados Resort & Spa

You will have plenty of nature to explore as you wander the grounds of Los Abrigados Resort & Spa. Your ideal destination for pampering and relaxation rests upon twenty-two acres filled with winding pathways. You’ll wander the grounds discovering secluded and shaded nooks in between cool, cascading fountains and some of the most breathtaking scenery.

You will also enjoy more than just the scenic property if your wandering spirit gets the best of you. With Los Abrigados Resort & Spa being located just past the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, it means you are within close proximity to more hiking trails. Not just that, you are within convenient walking distance of a variety of local art galleries as well as unique shops and boutiques, not to mention some of the finest dining choices that will make your getaway that much more memorable.

Something for Everyone

Maybe the quiet and quaint scenery surrounding the lovely Oak Creek is your idea of perfection. Or maybe, you are more in tune with the spirituality and new age energy that the amazing red rock formations of Sedona, Arizona are famous for. Whatever your interests, you can find something here at Los Abrigados Resort & Spa.

You can even decide on the style of room you would prefer to best fit your mood or attitude. No matter what style you opt for, you are assured you will find your accommodations comfortable and relaxing. You can opt for the coziness of the Inn and still enjoy all the amenities of Los Abrigados Resort & Spa. You may want to set yourself up in one of the nine charming cottages that offer a little more privacy and seclusion among the pristine landscape.

If the great outdoors is your passion, you will find it all right here. Adventure and activities include horseback rides or hiking along scenic trails, backcountry tours, helicopter rides to take in the full panorama, and so much more. You will love it here so much, you’ll be ready to plan your return visit to Los Abrigados Resort & Spa before your stay has even ended.