Palmera Vacation Club

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Property ID : 111-849

For Sale $24,000 negotiable 
2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms
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Why Choose Palmera?

Your vacations become part of you. We want to help you make sure those memories are ones you share and treasure for a lifetime.

Palmera Vacation Club members are “insiders” from the first moment – and every moment – of their vacation. We have built for our Members, unsurpassed relationships on one of the world’s top-ranked resort islands, unlocking endless possibilities for an incredible vacation experience.

How It Works

Palmera Vacation Club makes it easy for you to design your enjoyment – from thrills to relaxation, from diversion to passion, from amusement to bliss.


Palmera Vacation Club carefully collects a portfolio of resorts that share the values we found on the island of our birth – the gentle passion for life’s finest experiences and the enjoyment of nature’s most beautiful environments. The Palmera Resorts Portfolio becomes the standard our members come to expect in every escape, no matter the destination.


The freedom and flexibility you enjoy as a member extends to 4,000 resorts around the world, through our global exchange network. Your member points become the currency you can use every year to make your own selection practically anywhere.

The Power of Your Privileges

Each year members receive points that become their own currency for investing in the vacations of their dreams. The length of your stay, your destination, accommodations, and the season of your vacation can be tailored by the way you use your Vacation Club Points.

Points can be deferred if time is tight, and accelerated if friends or family join-in. Points can even be added to expand your vacation options, or if more vacation time becomes available. You are the master of this currency, and putting it to use your way is as easy as logging in to your Member Portal.

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